The SAMASKOM Collectibles!

SAMASKOM Officers are now accepting payments for the SAMASKOM Collectibles for only ₱400.00!

Items included:

  • SAMASKOM Org-shirt (Photo above: designed by Cyrene Boongaling, PAB Director)
  • SAMASKOM Lanyard
  • 2 SAMASKOM Ballers

Make sure you know your shirt size.

Deadline of payment will be on August 27, 2011.

Php 350.00 payment for the Acquaintance Party has ended today.

Students (SAMASKOM or non-SAMASKOM members) and outsiders are to pay Php 400.00 from Sunday (August 7) until the night of the event. Others who would want to simply “come by” can pay the Php 50.00 entrance fee during the event (food and drinks not included / available after the program only).

-Students of Mr. Caraig and Ms. Raisa are encouraged to come.

-Please do not forget to bring your tickets on Tuesday.

-Program starts at 6:00 PM on Bedrock Bar and Grill, Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila

The road goes on forever, but the PARTY never ends! ;)

The SAMASKOM Acquaintance Party 2011 on August 9, Tuesday at Bedrock Grill, Malate!

We are inviting everyone — SAMASKOM family, PCU friends, outsiders — to come and experience the fun the night life brings!

(Fees shall be paid on or before August 6, Saturday. Otherwise, additional payments will be required. Non-members of the SAMASKOM organization are to pay higher than the original cost. Please seek any SAMASKOM officer for more details.)

(We do NOT promote drinking by holding this event. Any SAMASKOM member who may need permission letter can ask from President Ratti.)

(Poster edited by Promotions and Advertising Board (PAB) Director Corie Cyrene Boongaling)

COMGUILD Conference.

COMGUILD Conference on 7th August!

We do apologize for the late notice. Everyone in SAMASKOM is invited, and are expected to pay the Php 600 fee on or before Friday, July 29, 12 noon.

This event involves Mass Communication students from other Universities and Colleges, and it would definitely be a worthwhile experience to take part in this conference.

(Other details were sent through text message from SAMASKOM President, Michael Ratti)

Good night, everyone. God bless!

An encounter everyone shouldn’t miss.

All high school and college students are invited to the annual Students’ Reception on Saturday, July 23 at the UCCP Cosmopolitan Church!

Share a day of prayer and worship with fellow students.

This event was organized by the CYF and Christian Education Department of UCCP Cosmopolitan Church.

For more info, like the official page on Facebook:

Philippine Christian University, Manila: Samahan ng Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (SAMASKOM) 2011 - 2012.

Creative by birth, MassComm by choice!

The Samahan ng Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon (Samaskom) is committed to develop a group of communication students that are united to enhance their skills by providing them with fundamental trainings and opportunities where they can discover, explore, and express their full potentials while instilling in them the ethical foundation of the media profession, which may be helpful in uplifting the Philippines’ media industry.

Visit our official Facebook page:

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